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The Only Pump Impeller That Is Impervious to Saltwater Corrosion

Unlike any other pump company, Sims Since 1919 of Hoboken, New Jersey, provides customers with impellers, rings, pumps, and other pump parts that outlast and outperform other products on the market.

For over 90 years

Sims has been a leader in engineering pumps and pump products. From the invention of the original Sims pump valve to the development of the Simsite® impellers, pumps, mechanical seals, guide bearings, and valves, Sims continues to be a leader in innovative pump solutions for the marine and industrial markets. Sims focuses on innovative solutions for corrosion, erosion, and cavitation applications.

Sims Simsite® impellers are superior to any other impellers on the market. Simsite® impellers never corrode in salt water, waste water, or chlorinated water applications and are excellent for many chemical applications. Since 1919, Sims has focused on complete customer satisfaction with every product manufactured. A unique unconditional customer guarantee is made possible by the highest standards of engineering, manufacture, and customer service.

Observe the image of the two impellers mounted side-by-side. Both ran for three years. The Simsite® impeller on the left looks like new!

Simsite® is a patented family of superior structural engineered composite pumps and pump parts approved by the US Navy for Navy, Marine, chemical, industrial, and waste water applications.

Innovative Pump Solutions

Corrosion Resistant Impellers

Key Benefits of Using Simsite® Impellers, Rings, & Pump Parts, Simsite® Impellers & Rings

1. They are corrosion resistant and chemical resistant.
2. They NEVER corrode in salt water, waste water, or chlorinated water!
3. Simsite® impellers are cavitation and erosion resistant.
4. Superior to all metallic pumps in salt water, waste water, and chlorinated water services.
5. Operate at higher efficiencies.
6. Lighter weight. 1/6 the weight of bronze, or stainless steel. The high strength to weight ratio of the Simsite® impeller means a substantial reduction in startup load, longer bearing and mechanical seal life, and less shaft deflection and vibration.
7. Simsite® impellers maintain their perfect balance over the life of the pump.
8. They eliminate electrolysis. Simsite® is an inert composite which does not conduct electrolysis and therefore saves or prolongs the life of the pump casing even if it is metallic!

Increase Performance, Longevity, & Reliability

100% machined from one piece.  Simsite® impellers are machined on the inside as well as the outside from solid blocks of the structurally engineered composite, which offers superior mechanical strength, perfect balance, better performance, smoother surfaces and longer life.

Tighter Seals. Simsite® impellers and casing rings will not gall or seize like metallic rings. Therefore, they can operate with a tighter clearance permitting less leakage through the rings and impeller which increases pump efficiency. Additionally, Simsite® casing rings seal the casing which prevents the "wash out" of the casing ring landing areas that is a common maintenance problem with centrifugal pumps.

Reduces Noise and Vibration. Because of the high efficiency and the precision machined design of the Simsite® impeller, lightweight, and noise absorbing characteristics of the structural engineered composite, noise and vibration are reduced in the pump.

Precision Impellers

Trouble-Free Performance

Sims impellers machined from Simsite® offer tremendous advantages over traditional impellers cast from metal. Simsite® impellers are lightweight, offer tremendous mechanical strength, and are corrosion, erosion and cavitation resistant. Simsite® impellers and casing rings have been used successfully since 1955 in the Marine, Navy, and industrial and chemical markets. They outlast and outperform impellers manufactured from bronze, stainless steel, duplex steel, monel, and even titanium.

Lower Costs, Increased Performance
Sims Simsite® impellers and rings are excellent for new, repair, or retrofit applications. They are lightweight and virtually indestructible. Wear of other pump parts including the pump casing are greatly reduced because of the Simsite® impeller's perfect balance, lightweight, self-lubricating, sealing, and corrosion, erosion, and cavitation resistance. This means far less expense for replacement of parts, downtime, and years of trouble-free performance.

Designed for Superior Hydraulic Performance

Because Simsite® impellers are computer engineered, designed, and precision machined, the impeller vane geometry can be engineered to maximize efficiency and performance. Problems such as re-circulation, radial thrust, and cavitation can be minimized, or eliminated by upgrading to Simsite® impellers and rings. Impeller vane shapes can easily be modified to provide the best vane shape for specific applications and performance requests.


It is all too common a problem — you purchased a pump for one specific performance and when you put the pump into service in your plant, or ship, the pump operates at another point completely different from the original design point (BEP or best efficiency point) of the pump because of your system requirements. In addition to being very inefficient, when you operate the pump away from the original design point or BEP, it causes a multitude of problems. These problems include excessive noise and vibration, shaft oscillation, cavitation, premature wear and failure of the mechanical seals, bearings, rings, sleeves and impellers. In extreme cases, the shaft will break.

Fortunately, these problems can be easily resolved by installing Simsite® impellers and rings which have been reengineered for your system requirements. Not only is the efficiency of the pump improved, but also the reliability and longevity of the complete pump is substantially improved.

Key Reasons to Choose Simsite® Impellers & Casing Rings

1. ELIMINATES ELECTROLYSIS — Simsite® is an inert composite which does not conduct electrolysis. Prolonged exposure to salt water will not affect Simsite® parts.

2. CORROSION RESISTANT — One of the most important advantages Simsite® has over metal is its resistance to corrosion and erosion in salt water. It is also excellent with most chemical applications and is not subject to damage by gasoline, oil or refinery byproducts.

3. COMPUTERIZED HIGH EFFICIENCY DESIGN — All Simsite® impellers and parts are precision machined which increases accuracy and efficiency. Impeller vane shapes are contoured for maximum performance and efficiency.

4. EXCEPTIONAL MECHANICAL STRENGTH — The extraordinary high strength of Simsite® enables it to replace metal impellers which are subject to corrosion and erosion.

5. TIGHTER SEALS — Simsite® casing rings and wear rings will not gall or seize like metal rings. Therefore, Simsite® Rings can operate with a tighter clearance, permitting less leakage through the rings and increasing pump efficiency. Additionally, Simsite® casing and wear rings seal the casing. This prevents the "wash out" of the casing ring areas that is a common maintenance problem with centrifugal pumps.

Simsite® Impellers — Perfect for Retrofit & Replacement Applications

1. LIGHTWEIGHT — The exceptional high strength-to-weight ratio of Simsite® permits a much lighter weight impeller. This means a substantial reduction in start-up load, longer bearing and mechanical seal life, and less shaft deflection.

2. REDUCES NOISE AND VIBRATION — Because of the high efficiency design of the Simsite® Impeller, its light weight, its noise-absorbing characteristics, and its precision machined design, noise and vibration are reduced in the pump.

3. SIMSITE IMPELLERS — Simsite® Impellers are an ideal replacement for bronze or other metallic impellers, especially in corrosive pumping applications. Because Simsite® is an inert material, electrolysis within the pump is reduced considerably. As metallic impellers corrode, they become unbalanced, causing premature wear on all other rotating parts. By replacing worn out parts with Simsite®, the pump lasts longer and costs are reduced.